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Breathwork & Cold Therapy



Russ is a certified Breathwork Coach. Breathwork has shown to reduce or eliminate stress and anxiety, is a tool in overcoming fear and chronic pain, helps you sleep, be more focused and refill your energy for life. Certain breathwork practices Russ teaches can have a profound effect on the mind body connection, and bring you into a 'growth mindset' and get rid of the 'avoidance mindset'. Utilising Oxygen Advantage protocols, breathing practices can improve performance during training and competition. As Russ has been an avid martial artist for over 40 years, he is focusing on helping other Martial Artists overcome stress before competition, perform better during competition, and to help with recovery, by utilising the power of your breath. 




As a Certified Wim Hof Method Coach, Russ teaches cold therapy. Did you know that the Egyptians were the first known users of cold therapy to treat inflammation? And, interestingly, Hippocrates, considered the father of cryotherapy, referenced the use of snow and ice to combat swelling in his writings. Cold therapy, as a tool for alleviating pain and inflammation, has a long history, yet the biological mechanisms behind how cold exposure reduces pain and swelling still hold some mysteries.  Cold water may not be thought as a cure for any mental health condition, but certain case studies suggest that cold open water swimming has helped alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety in some people. Having a cold dip triggers the Cold Shock response, elevates Dopamine by up to 250%, and activates Brown Fat. A controlled, safe cold dip can leave you feeling amazing for hours, even days.

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