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Mountain Climbing with The Ice Man!

Updated: Apr 3

Hi everyone, and welcome to my very first blog post!! On here I will be dropping diet tips, lifestyle and training tips, lots of breathing stuff and of course cold stuff. I will also be telling you guys of events and awesome stuff that will be happening as regards to training, breathwork, movement, Wim Hof Method, and more, so keep dropping back to check this out.

So this weekend coming I will be in Karpacz, Poland, with Wim Hof at the WHM Instructors Reunion. I have been selected with 29 other Level 2 instructors to climb Snezka, most probably in shorts and hopefully lead by the man himself, Wim Hof!! I will post pics and video on here and my social pages of the weekend. It is going to be epic connecting with so many instructors from around the world, what an opportunity!! Love it!!

Later in march I will be attending my second Breathe And Move Retreat in Tenefire, led by David 'Jacko' Jackson, Oxygen Advantage Master Coach. I'm wondering if Dave Jacko will make an appearance? Those who know, know...its like Cousin Mikey turning up unannounced in Mourier Valley at a BBQ!!

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Udana Yoga
Udana Yoga
Feb 26

Awesome! have a great time x

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